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Meet the all-new FojFit, and jumpstart your fitness journey for the better You. Get a personalized Diet plan and many more with FojFit.
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About Fojfit

Defence Training Made Simple
FojFit is the application that provides a complete solution to a healthy lifestyle. Train with the trainers and get a customized diet plan. Be it the goal to gain or lose weight, or be it to get selected for Army or Police Department, FojFit will make you fit for every field.
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With FojFit, you can now easily make fitness your new "mission".

  • Personalised Training Templates & Instructions From Ex-Army Officials

    Learn hand-picked fitness exercises directly from experts, who have proudly served the nation.

  • Validated NCC & Agniveer Cadet Qualificatin Programs

    Guided and self-paced traninig method, with tracknig features that would help you pass your national defence exams.

  • Collaboration With Army Coaching Centres

    FojFit offers special benefits for trainees enrolled in selected army coaching centres. Contact us for more info.

  • Social Feed With Walk-through Videos & Army Drills

    Stay enegaged with army-specific social feeds. See, observe, and pracice how to move like a fauji.


Sync Workout with Trainers & Celebrities

Watch the videos of the Professional trainers and Sync their workout with your Daily Routine. Learn the new exercises and their uses by following them
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Aman Sharma
Body Fitness
full body workout
Tanu Sharma
Full Body Workout
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Guddu Tiwari
Body Fitness
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Nidhi Mohan Kamal
Running Exercise
Swetha Dev
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Anand Kumar Awasthi
Body Fitness

Download & Sync Now
Workout with Trainers & Celebrities

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Ultimate Workout and Stand-out Features

Join 10+ million members on the top digital fitness platform and stay toned, lose weight, get strong, reduce stress, and reach your goals.
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workout planner
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Set your
water intake tracker
Water Intake
get a diet plan
Get a
steps counter
sleep tracker


Great for army trainees. Awesome for fitness lovers.

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