Frequently asked question

FojFit allows you to back up and restore your data as long as you have A stable network connection.

FojFit can be downloaded from iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

FojFit is available on the following iPhone devices: - The iPhone 5 and above with iOS 9 or above installed * FojFit is not supported on the iPad and iPod touch. Some functions may not be available based on region, service provider, or device.

Please try the following: - If you are indoors, go outside and find a wide open area. - If you are using a FojFit running on Android 6.0 or iOS device running on 9 or above, go to Apps > Settings > Battery > Power Saving Mode, and check if it is ON. When your device turns off the screen in Power Saving Mode, FojFit cannot access your GPS data and may display inaccurate workout data as a result.